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Misty Meadows Adacka Pixie
International National Guernsey Show Past Champions
World Dairy Expo (WDE)

Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Also known as the NGS-Madison/NJS-Madison


World Dairy Expo is held each October in Madison, Wisconsin. The show is considered to be one of the largest dairy cattle and trade shows in the world. The Guernsey show was formerly known as the Central National Guernsey Show. It's also known as the NGS-Madison (National Guernsey Show) for open exhibitors or NJS-Madison (National Junior Show) for junior exhibitors. The Guernsey breed has won Supreme Champion over all breeds in 2007 & 1979. The dairy cattle show as we know it (World Dairy Expo) has been held annually since 1970 and started as the World Dairy Cattle Show in 1967. The American Guernsey Association adopted World Dairy Expo as a national show in 1972.

Grand Champion Guernseys - Southern National Show
Southern National Guernsey Show Past Champions
North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE)

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Also known as the NGS-Louisville/NJS-Louisville


The Southern National Guernsey Show is held at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) each November in Louisville, Kentucky. To Guernsey breeders, the show is known as the NGS-Louisville (National Guernsey Show) for open exhibitors and NJS-Louisville (National Junior Show) for junior exhibitors. NAILE began in 1974 as a beef-only show and added dairy cattle in 1977 with 5 breeds. Today the show includes all 7 major dairy breeds.

Walnut Ridge Russ Nope R
Eastern National Guernsey Past Champions
All-American Dairy Show
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Also known as the NGS-Harrisburg/NJS-Harrisburg


The All-American Dairy Show is held annually in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center. The show began in 1947 and has become one of the largest dairy shows in the world representing all 7 major dairy breeds. In Guernsey circles, the show is better know as the NGS-Harrisburg (National Gurnsey Show) for open exhibitors and NJS-Harrisburg (Natinal Junior Show) for junior exhibitors.

Western National Guernsey Past Champions
Various Locations on the West Coast
Also known as the NGS-Sacramento/NJS-Sacramento

The Western National Guernsey show is currently held in conjunction with the California State Fair in Sacramento, California. No Western National Show was held from 1983 until 1997. Prior to 1983, the show rotated in various locations on the West Coast. The first Western National Show was held in 1970 while the East Coast held its first show in Columbus Ohio. Prior to 1970 the National Guernsey show was held in Waterloo, Iowa at the National Dairy Cattle Congress. The first Guernsey to score EX-96 'Wincrest Knights Vel' was crowned the Grand Champion of the Western National in 1982.

Western National Grand Champion Guernseys
Grand Champions

Canadian National Past Champions
Currenlty Hamilton, Ontario, Canada ~ Previously - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Guernsey Breeders held the national show at the Royal Winter Fair from 1922 until 2002.
The show is currently held at the Ancaster Fairgrounds in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    Maplehurst Archie Nadia    
    Canadian National Champions  

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