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1st Guernsey to Score EX-96

1st Guernsey to Score EX-96 via Computer

7X - National Grand Champion

4X - All-American
2005 & 2008 Grand Champion - WDE

Win Crest Knights Vel

Raemelton Fashion Kandy-TW

Penn-Del Vicuvious Glenna

Westlynn Tom Dee

Win Crest Knights Vel
EX-96 @ 8-10 (USA)
Born: 04/10/77
Sire: Win Crest Virtues Knight
Dam: Win Crest Victors Velma
VG-85 @ 5-03 (USA)

Developed by: Kenneth J. Winters & Bernie Wagner, Sunnsyide, Washington, USA
Breeder: Kenneth J. Winters
Sunnyside, Washington, USA

Vel was the 1st Guernsey to score EX-96 on 01/09/1980. Vel never made it to the Midwest
or East Coast for the National Shows, but
made up for it on the West Coast by becoming the 1982 Western National Guernsey Show
Grand Champion in Puyallup, Washington. Vel
was also the Reserve All-American 3-Year-Old
in 1980 and HM. All-American Aged-Cow in
1982. In the early 1980s, Vel completed a lactation with over 30,560 lbs. of milk.

Raemelton Fashion Kandy-TW
EX-96 @ 5-02 (USA)
Born: 10/27/84
Sire: Raemelton Actions Kelly
Dam: Raemelton Actions Kelly
EX-90 @ 3-06 (USA)

Developed by: Ralph E. Turley
Orient, Ohio, USA
Breeder: Raemelton Farm
Mansfield, Ohio, USA

Kandy's score was scored EX-96 in 1990 via
linear computation and a little controversy.
The option was available at the time to have
the final score of cows calculated by compute using linear scores. Realizing her linear scores would yield a much higher score than the
classifier (and possibly show the weakness of
that option), the owner, Ralph Turley, elected
to have his entire herd scored by computer that day with historical results. Kandy's 3rd-5th Dams were also VG or Excellent. The picture above
was taken when Kandy was a 2-Year-Old and developed into a really nice mature cow. 

Penn Del Vicuvius Glenna
EX-96 @ 6-05 (USA)
Born: 11/23/83
Sire: Penn Del Hornet Vesuvius
Dam: Penn Del Flame Goldilocks
EX-90 @ 5-11 (USA)

Developed by: Branstetter's Dairy, Fowler
Emily Branstetter, Edmonton, Kentucky, USA
Breeder: Raymond F. & Louise A. Witmer
Willow Street, Pennsylvania, USA

The late 1980s belonged to Glenna. Glenna became a Guernsey Icon by becoming a 7x National Grand Champion winning all three major National Shows. Glenna was spotted by by
Fowler Branstetter at the 1987 National
Guernsey Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as she was exhibited by Raymond & Louise Witmer of Pennsylvania. He liked her so much that he bought her from the Witmer's and the rest is history... Fowler's daughter Emily also
exhibited Glenna to many National Junior Show titles

1989 - Grand Champion - World Dairy Expo
1989 - Grand Champion - All-American-PA
1989 - Grand Champion - NGS-Louisville
1988 - Grand Champion - World Dairy Expo
1988 - Grand Champion - NGS-Louisville
1987 - Grand Champion - NGS-Louisville
1987 - Grand Champion - All-American-PA
3X All-American and never beaten in Milking Form

Westlynn Tom Dee
EX-96 @ 10-05 (USA)
Born: 10/04/88
Sire: Westlynn Emory Tom
Dam: Westlynn Pepper Delight
D-79 @ 4-01 (USA)

Developed by: Clark & Joy Vilter, Mark Rueth & Randy Kortus, Hartland, Wisconsin, USA
Breeder: Joe Pritzl
Fruitland, Idaho, USA

The 1990s and beyond have been dominated
by the Tom Dee influence. It is believed that
Tom Dee and her descendents have had All-American Nominations in the Guernsey Breed every year leading up to the most recent year since her first All-American win in 1993. No other cow of any breed has had a daughter and granddaughter win Champion at World Dairy Expo. Her daughter Four Winds Magicman
Delight was Grand in 2002 & 2003 while her granddaughter Four Winds Destiny Child was Grand Champion in 2005 & 2008.

1996 - Grand Champion - World Dairy Expo
1996 - Reserve Supreme - World Dairy Expo
1996 - Grand Champion - NGS-Louisville
1995 - Grand Champion - World Dairy Expo
1994 - Grand Champion - World Dairy Expo
1993 - Grand Champion - World Dairy Expo
1993-1994 - Res. Grand Champ. - NGS-Louisville
4X All-American in Milking Form

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