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Holsteins - Classified EX-94 (CAN)
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EX-94 (CAN) - Complete List

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EX-94 (CAN) - Within Past 12 Months

EX-94 (CAN)

EX-95 (CAN)

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EX-94 (USA)

EX-95 (USA)

EX-96 (USA)

EX-97 (USA)

Safari Kelly Goldwin-ET Salem Astronomical Justine Salem Goldwyn Theresa-ET Sandy-Valley SHT Dalashi-ET
Safari Kelly Goldwin Salem Astronomical Justine Salem Goldwyn Theresa Sandy-Valley SHT Dalashi-ET

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/05/12
Born: 04/12/06
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Robel Lee Lisette-ET

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/13/11
Born: 06/02/05
Sire: Oseeana Astronomical-ET
Dam: Lormarr Lea Jeeny
EX-91-2E (CAN)

EX-94 @ 5Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 08/19/11
Born: 03/06/06
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Veazland-R Bstar Tabby
EX-2E-6Y (CAN)

EX-94 @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/24/11
Born: 09/23/05
Sire: Picston Shottle-ET
Dam: Far-O-La Champion Dellia-ET
EX-91-4Y (CAN)

Sartigan Stormatic Nuage Sedgrose Lyman Sue R Selbyvale Outside Lindsay Serli Jed Cam
Sartigan Stormatic Nuage

Selbyvale Outside Lindsay

Serli Jed Cam

EX-94-6E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/26/13
Born: 07/13/03
Sire: Comestar Stormatic-ET
Dam: Sartigan James Nyna
GP-83-2Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/08/15
Born: 06/10/08
Sire: Comestar Lyman-ET
Dam: Sedgrose Lindy Amanda
VG-88-8Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 04/17/09
Born: 09/01/01
Sire: Comestar Outside-ET
Dam: Selbyvale Jackpot Lynette

EX-94-3E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/21/07
Born: 06/02/98
Sire: Juniper Rotate Jed-ET
Dam: Serli Skybuck Catherine

Shadow-W Astro Bianca Silky M W Lyster Impala-ET Skycrest Mr Sam Tobasco Smithden Goldwyn Alexandra-ET
Shadow-W Astro Bianca

Silky M W Lyster Impala

Skycrest Mr Sam Tobasco Smithden Goldwyn Alexandra-ET

EX-94 @ 5Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/17/11
Born: 03/01/06
Sire: Oseeana Astronomical-ET
Dam: Shadow-W Gibson Beetlejuice
GP-82-3Y (CAN)

EX-94 @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/17/09
Born: 12/04/02
Sire: TCET Lyster
Dam: Silky Storm Impala-ET
VG-88-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/14/13
Born: 02/03/06
Sire: Regancrest-Mr Drhm Sam-ET
Dam: Skycrest Iron Will Tracy
VG-85-5Y (CAN)

EX-94 @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/04/13
Born: 11/11/05
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Smithden Allen Alison-ET
VG-88-5Y (CAN)

Springbend Talent Piston Sprucecho Astronomical Lila Stanlee Storm Allison St-Jacob Goldwyn Hazel-ET
Springbend Talent Piston Sprucecho Astronomical Lila Stanlee Storm Allison St-Jacob Goldwyn Hazel-ET

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/26/13
Born: 08/23/05
Sire: Ladino Park Talent-IMP-ET *RC
Dam: Springbend Progress Paris

EX-94-6E @ 11Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/14/14
Born: 04/01/02
Sire: Oseeana Astronomical-ET
Dam: Sprucecho Symbol Lily

EX-94-3E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/04/08
Born: 04/20/99
Sire: Maughlin Storm-ET
Dam: Stanlee Mason Allanis
GP-80-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 5Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/03/16
Born: 06/14/11
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah
EX-92-4Y (CAN)

Timrob Xplosion Rudolph Tolamika Prissy Lee Tomalynn Allen Min Trent Valley E Crisie

Tomalynn Allen Min

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 04/08/08
Born: 01/11/02
Sire: Startmore Rudolph-ET
Dam: Timrob Tornado Leadmaster
VG-85-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/23/10
Born: 02/02/02
Sire: Comestar Lee-ET
Dam: Cedarwal Prissy Milan-ET
VG-85-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-5E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 04/02/13
Born: 11/11/02
Sire: Canyon-Breeze Allen-ET
Dam: Tomalynn MacGregor Maizie
VG-85-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/18/14
Born: 09/10/06
Sire: Budjon-JK Eastwood-ET
Dam: Trent Valley Crisco
VG-85-3Y (CAN)

Tuytel Gold Luxury-ET Tween Bays Sara Goldwyn Twinpeak Igniter Lollipop Ulmar F B I Mayby

Tween Bays Sara Goldwyn

EX-94 @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/27/13
Born: 09/17/07
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Idee Derry Lolly-ET
VG-88-6Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/22/13
Born: 09/02/06
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Tween Bays Sal Brass
GP-82-2Y (CAN)

EX-94-4E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 02/28/11
Born: 10/13/01
Sire: Summershade Igniter-ET
Dam: Twinpeak Aeroline Holly
VG-85-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/08/14
Born: 09/13/07
Sire: Gillette Brilea F B I-ET
Dam: Ulmar September Storm May
VG-88-5Y (CAN)

    Ulmar Spirte Lima    


EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/30/12
Born: 09/09/04
Sire: Cedarwal Spirte
Dam: Ulmar Leader Lilac


* The age is based on the most recent classification date minus birthdate divided by 12 months.
* The most recent score was used to determine Holsteins scored EX-94 in Canada.
* Cows scored EX-94 prior to scoring EX-95, EX-96 or EX-97 were not considered in this category.

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