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Holsteins - Classified EX-94 (CAN)
Arranged by Prefix - GHI

EX-94 (ABC)

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EX-94 (JKL)

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EX-94 (CAN) - Complete List

EX-94 (CAN) - Other Stats

EX-94 (CAN) - Within Past 12 Months

EX-94 (CAN)

EX-95 (CAN)

EX-96 (CAN)

EX-97 (CAN)

EX-94 (USA)

EX-95 (USA)

EX-96 (USA)

EX-97 (USA)

Gambles FBI Alison Gardenvale Jed Annie Geranette Reckless Alida Geranette Storm Limette
Gardenvale Jed Annie

EX-94-3E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/27/13
Born: 10/21/06
Sire: Gillette Brilea F B I-ET
Dam: Gambles Delusion Helen
VG-87-6Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 12/23/11
Born: 12/28/02
Sire: Juniper Rotate Jed-ET
Dam: Gardenvale Integrity Amy I-ET
VG-85-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-4E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/29/13
Born: 12/25/04
Sire: Markwell Reckless
Dam: Geranette Milan Alicia
VG-86-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-6E @ 13Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 02/28/11
Born: 12/02/97
Sire: Maughlin Storm-ET
Dam: Geranette Astre Lima
GP-83-3Y (CAN)

Gillette Lee Candy-ET Ginel Dodge Juliette Gleneil Carisma Bo Lark Glengarry Goldwyn Penny-ET
Gillette Lee Candy Ginel Dodge Juliette Gleneil Carisma Bo Lark Glengarry Goldwyn Penny-ETM

EX-94-3E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 08/20/08
Born: 03/08/99
Sire: Comestar Lee-ET
Dam: Gillette D L Bonbon
VG-86-2Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 12/17/14
Born: 01/04/08
Sire: Ladys-Manor Dodge-ET
Dam: Ginel Stallion Julia
VG-85-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/07/13
Born: 04/17/04
Sire: Dupasquier Carisma
Dam: Gleneil James Bo Lily
VG-85-4Y (CAN)

EX-94 @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/11/13
Born: 03/22/06
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Glengarry Rudolph Pamela
EX-92-3E (CAN)

Glenrapha Brittany Glenridge CBA Ricarda-ET GOL075 Advent Paula Goldenflo Lheros Dallas-ET
Glenrapha Brittany GOL075 Advent Paula

EX-94-4E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/10/10
Born: 06/06/99
Sire: Oliveholme Aeroline-TW-ET
Dam: Glenrapha Berry
VG-85-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 08/19/13
Born: 12/28/05
Sire: Canyon-Breeze Allen-ET
Dam: Glenridge Rudolph Ricarda-ET

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 08/15/14
Born: 03/12/08
Sire: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET
Dam: Above-Par Durham Paoli-ET
VG-88-3Y (USA)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/30/13
Born: 07/02/06
Sire: Comestar Lheros-ET
Dam: Goldenflo Noah Louise
VG-88-6Y (CAN)

Grospere Milan Rose Haslamville Rubens Bridget *RC Havenvalley Titanic Petite-ET Heather Holme Dundee Malibu

Haslamville Rubens Bridget

Heather Holme Dundee Malibu

EX-94-4E @ 11Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/23/08
Born: 12/20/96
Sire: Shoremar Milan-ET
Dam: Grospere Ticket Rena QE
VG-85-6Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/20/12
Born: 09/10/03
Sire: STBVQ Rubens-ET *RC
Dam: Haslamville Skychief Blizzard
GP-81-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/24/14
Born: 09/05/06
Sire: Hartline Titanic-ET
Dam: Havenvalley Precious Igniter

EX-90-4E (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/01/14
Born: 08/07/06
Sire: Regancrest Dundee-ET
Dam: Heather Holme Leader Destiny

VG-85-3Y (CAN)

Heather Holme Gibson Darla Hectare Instamatic Joviale Helmcrest Champion Tabby Helmcrest Terrason Christine
Heather Holme Gibson Darla Helmcrest Champion Tabby

Helmcrest Terrason Christine

EX-94-4E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/03/14
Born: 07/22/03
Sire: Silky Gibson-ET
Dam: Heather Holme Leader Delta
EX-92-4E (CAN)

EX-94-5E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/10/14
Born: 06/01/05
Sire: Morsan Instamatic
Dam: Hectare Louie Jolene
GP-80-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 10/16/12
Born: 09/01/03
Sire: Calbrett-I H H Champion-ET
Dam: Helmcrest Istar Tabatha
EX-90-2E (CAN)

EX-94-4E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 10/27/11
Born: 01/07/03
Sire: Innwood Terrason
Dam: Helmcrest Skychief Wynter

Hendercroft Triumphant Venture High Point Roxie Flash Hill View Allen Missy Holtbyholme Miss Megan-ET
Hendercroft Triumphant Venture High Point Roxie Flash

EX-94-5E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/09/11
Born: 03/31/01
Sire: Renaissance Triumphant
Dam: Hendercroft C C Tahoe
GP-80-2Y (CAN)

EX-94-4E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/24/14
Born: 01/09/06
Sire: Cedarwal Spirte
Dam: High Point Rox Design-ET
EX-93-8E (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 02/15/12
Born: 04/12/05
Sire: Canyon-Breeze Allen-ET
Dam: Hill View Jolt Misty
EX-93-3E-6Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/26/12
Born: 10/18/04
Sire: Pursuit September Storm-ET *RC
Dam: Holtbyholme Masson Missy-ET
VG-85-2Y (CAN)

Holywell Gibson Ruthie-ET Holywell Lyster Polly Holzer Linjet Dixie Homtosta Dundee Janie

Holywell Lyster Polly

EX-94-4E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/02/11
Born: 06/18/00
Sire: Silky Gibson-ET
Dam: Continental Astre Ruthy

EX-94 @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 05/27/09
Born: 11/02/02
Sire: TCET Lyster
Dam: Westavi Progress Polly-ET
VG-88-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/15/11
Born: 12/01/04
Sire: Sunnylodge Linjet
Dam: Holzer Progress Dixie
GP-83-2Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 5Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 08/12/11
Born: 09/02/05
Sire: Regancrest Dundee-ET
Dam: Homtosta Leduc Jayme
EX-90-5Y (CAN)

Homtosta Durham Olympia Huntsdale Shottle Crusade-ET

Idee Goldwyn Lunette-ET

Idee Louis Luise-ET

Homtosta Durham Olympia Huntsdale Shottle Crusade-ET

Idee Goldwyn Lunette-ET

Idee Louis Luise

EX-94-6E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 04/11/12
Born: 12/31/01
Sire: Markwell Durham DJ-ET
Dam: Homtosta Raider Ophra
VG-85-6Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 08/23/13
Born: 12/02/06
Sire: Picston Shottle-ET
Dam: Rietben Con Carmel-ET
VG-86-2Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/21/4
Born: 12/01/06
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Idee Skychief Latoya-ET
VG-88-7Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 02/17/09
Born: 04/10/02
Sire: Wil-Hart E Louie-ET
Dam: Idee Bellwood Ladonna-ET
VG-87-4Y (CAN)

* The age is based on the most recent classification date minus birthdate divided by 12 months.
* The most recent score was used to determine Holsteins scored EX-94 in Canada.
* Cows scored EX-94 prior to scoring EX-95, EX-96 or EX-97 were not considered in this category.

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