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Holsteins - Classified EX-94 (CAN)
Arranged by Prefix - DEF

EX-94 (ABC)

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EX-94 (CAN) - Complete List

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EX-94 (CAN) - Within Past 12 Months

EX-94 (CAN)

EX-95 (CAN)

EX-96 (CAN)

EX-97 (CAN)

EX-94 (USA)

EX-95 (USA)

EX-96 (USA)

EX-97 (USA)

Dandyland Gibson Razzle Dandyland Leader Alicia Dappledale S L J Shauna Darcor Shark Debra
Dandyland Gibson Razzle Dandyland Leader Alicia Dappledale S L J Shauna

Darcor Shark Debra

EX-94-4E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/06/14
Born: 01/03/05
Sire: Silky Gibson
Dam: Dandyland Leader Rockie
EX-91-7E (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/04/14
Born: 07/30/07
Sire: Comestar Leader-ET
Dam: Dandyland Dundee Anna
EX-90-4E (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/07/10
Born: 10/18/01
Sire: Second-Look Jolt
Dam: Dappledale Astre Chanel
EX-90-2E (CAN)

EX-94-5E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/15/10
Born: 06/02/99
Sire: La-Poe Shark
Dam: Altagen Astre Del
VG-85-5Y (CAN)

Dardel Dundee Tiara O Dardel Gibson Orie Dardel Marker Ollie-ET *RC Deken Hanna Leduc-ET
Dardel Dundee Tiara O

Dardel Gibson Orie

EX-94 @ 5Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/18/13
Born: 09/07/07
Sire: Regancrest Dundee-ET
Dam: Dardel Gibson Orie

EX-94-3E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/24/09
Born: 09/04/00
Sire: Silky Gibson-ET
Dam: Dardel Starbuck Oasis

EX-94-3E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/20/10
Born: 09/06/00
Sire: Indianhead Red-Marker-ET *RC
Dam: Dardel Sultan Ollie
EX-3E-8Y (CAN)

EX-94 @ 5Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/30/09
Born: 02/21/04
Sire: Lystel Leduc-ET
Dam: Suncountry Heroine Starbuck-ET
VG-87-3Y (CAN)

Delcreek Fox Tail Deliska Karla Formation Denhaven Verna Carlos Des Chamois Titane

Deliska Karla Formation

Des Chamois Titane

EX-94-6E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 04/30/12
Born: 10/30/01
Sire: Miley Gilbert-ET
Dam: Delcreek Darla
VG-85-6Y (CAN)

EX-94-9E @ 14Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 12/12/12
Born: 12/02/98
Sire: Shen-Val NV LM Formation-ET
Dam: Deliska Kari Leader
VG-89-10Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 02/12/08
Born: 11/14/97
Sire: Deslacs Celebrity
Dam: Denhaven Candice Park

EX-94-2E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/18/12
Born: 11/10/04
Sire: Hartline Titanic-ET
Dam: Dubosson Timballe Windstar
VG-85-3Y (CAN)

Deslacs Rudolph Camille-ET Desperle Rosine Terrason Despointes Dundee Sunny-ET Despointes James Sydney

Deslacs Rudolph Camille

Despointes Dundee Sunny

Despointes James Sydney

EX-94-2E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/25/10
Born: 02/06/03
Sire: Startmore Rudolph-ET
Dam: Belan Jed Cristalline-ET
VG-87-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-4E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/15/11
Born: 03/03/03
Sire: Innwood Terrason
Dam: Desperle Rosine B King
GP-83-5Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/19/12
Born: 03/18/05
Sire: Regancrest Dundee-ET
Dam: Despointes James Sydney
EX-94 (CAN)

EX-94 @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/30/05
Born: 10/22/99
Sire: Shoremar James
Dam: Despointes Astre Sherry-ET
VG-86-8Y (CAN)

Despointes Talent Sunset-ET *RC Donovan S S Sue Downiebrook Tiffany Rubens Drumlee Ray Cousteau-ET

Donovan S S Sue

EX-94-2E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 02/05/13
Born: 09/19/04
Sire: Ladino Park Talent-IMP-ET *RC
Dam: Despointes James Sydney
EX-94-6Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 08/22/13
Born: 01/27/05
Sire: Pursuit September Storm-ET *RC
Dam: Donovan Cousteau Sherilette
VG-86-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-5E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/25/10
Born: 07/28/01
Sire: STBVQ Rubens-ET *RC
Dam: Downiebrook Tessa Charles
VG-88-5Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/14/12
Born: 09/08/04
Sire: Silky Cousteau-ET
Dam: MacGirls Rhubarb Jogger
VG-88-4Y (CAN)

Dubosson Emeute Gibson Duhibou Samuelo Portefolio Dulet Morty Israel Dupasquier D Windstar Winter-ET

Dubosson Emeute Gibson

Dulet Morty Israel

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 04/07/09
Born: 03/02/01
Sire: Silky Gibson-ET
Dam: Braithland Raider Evelyn
VG-88-8Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/24/13
Born: 09/16/06
Sire: Regancrest-Mr Samuelo-ET
Dam: Duhibou Laurier Petula-ET
VG-87-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 08/06/12
Born: 03/02/04
Sire: Stouder Morty-ET
Dam: Dulet Triumphant Imola-ET
VG-87-3Y (CAN)

EX-94 @ 4Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 10/27/09
Born: 12/11/04
Sire: Dupasquier Windstar
Dam: Dupasquier Charles Winnia-ET
EX-2E @ 7-08 (CAN)

Dusty-Inn Storm Angel Duvent Lheros Fleurdelise Dymentholm Svetlana Eastriver A Shock Nettie
Dusty-Inn Storm Angel Dymentholm Svetlana Eastriver A Shock Nettie

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/15/06
Born: 09/03/97
Sire: Maughlin Storm-ET
Dam: Acme Rosco Angel
GP-84-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/23/10
Born: 01/02/04
Sire: Comestar Lheros-ET
Dam: Pierstein Storm Flower-ET
EX-90-5E (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/10/14
Born: 01/21/06
Sire: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET
Dam: Cobequid Spumantes Beaute
EX-96-2E (USA)

EX-94 @ 5Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/07/15
Born: 02/11/10
Sire: Ms Atlees Sht Aftershock-ET
Dam: Barneybrook Goldwyn Nettie
EX-90 (CAN)

Eastriver Indian Poli Eastside Gold Ocean-ET Eastside Kite Tristin Eastside Spirte Lady
Eastriver Indian Poli Eastside Gold Ocean-ET Eastside Kite Tristin Eastside Spirte Lady

EX-94-2E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 10/27/08
Born: 03/24/01
Sire: Indianhead Red-Marker-ET *RC
Dam: Eastriver Astre Poli
VG-86-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 12/05/12
Born: 09/02/06
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Eastside Igniter Osmond
EX-90-2E (CAN)

EX-94-4E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/30/13
Born: 09/14/05
Sire: Markwell Kite-ET *RC
Dam: Eastside Derry Twain
VG-87-6Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 07/25/15
Born: 05/03/08
Sire: Wilcoxview Jasper-ET
Dam: Eastside Leduc Lady-ET
VG-85-3Y (CAN)

Ebyholme Astro Penny Elocroft Gibson Dana Eppdale Bodee Erbcrest Duplex Marvellous-ET
Ebyholme Astro Penny

Erbcrest Duplex Marvellous-ET

EX-94-4E @ 10Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 05/06/14
Born: 03/02/04
Sire: Oseeana Astronomical-ET
Dam: Ebyholme S C Pansy
EX-91-4E (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/21/07
Born: 10/18/00
Sire: Silky Gibson-ET
Dam: Elocroft Park Dancer
GP-83-9Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 12/16/09
Born: 04/20/02
Sire: Mr Mashal-ET
Dam: Eppdale Storm Booklet
GP-83-2Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 7Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 02/17/14
Born: 02/01/07
Sire: Mesland Duplex-Et
Dam: Dixellen Rudolph Mavis
EX-92-5E (CAN)

Erbcrest Sovereign Lisa Florbil Goldwyn Penny Jo Florbil Morty Pennylou-ET Floroma Allen Beatrice

Erbcrest Sovereign Lisa

EX-94-2E @ 9Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 01/28/11
Born: 04/27/04
Sire: Stanhope Sovereign-ET
Dam: Erbcrest Laura Shark
EX-90 (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/19/15
Born: 12/08/08
Sire: Braedale Goldwyn
Dam: Florbil Morty Pennylou
EX-94-3E (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 6Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 06/25/13
Born: 12/02/06
Sire: Stouder Morty-ET
Dam: Florbil Gibson Penny-ET
EX-90-4E (CAN)

EX-94-6E @ 11Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 12/19/13
Born: 12/25/01
Sire: Canyon-Breeze Allen-ET
Dam: Floroma Lee Bye Bye
VG-85-2Y (CAN)

Floydholm Outside Coralie Fountlane Journalist Kit Fradon Smatic Gala Fradon Smatic Papoose

Fradon Smatic Gala

Fradon Smatic Papoose

EX-94-4E @ 12Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 04/19/12
Born: 03/11/00
Sire: Comestar Outside-ET
Dam: Floydholm Storm Outlet
VG-85-2Y (CAN)

EX-94-2E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 03/09/10
Born: 10/20/01
Sire: Ridge-Star Journalist-ET
Dam: Vigh Leader Kittens
VG-86-3Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 05/06/11
Born: 10/10/02
Sire: Comestar Stormatic-ET
Dam: Fradon Lee TR Gala-ET
VG-87-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-3E @ 8Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 09/09/11
Born: 08/20/03
Sire: Comestar Stormatic-ET
Dam: Fradon Skychief Papoose
VG-87-5Y (CAN)

  Freymor Gilbert Sheila Fricosons Spirit Alex    


Freymor Gilbert Sheila

Fricosons Spirit Alex    


EX-94-5E @ 11Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 12/04/13
Born: 11/01/02
Sire: Miley Gilbert-ET
Dam: Freymor Xena
GP-80-4Y (CAN)

EX-94-4E @ 11Y (CAN)
Classification Date: 11/26/12
Born: 06/09/01
Sire: Hanover-Hill-R Spirit-ET
Dam: Fricosons Rubens Alexia
EX-90-4E-10Y (CAN)


* The age is based on the most recent classification date minus birthdate divided by 12 months.
* The most recent score was used to determine Holsteins scored EX-94 in Canada.
* Cows scored EX-94 prior to scoring EX-95, EX-96 or EX-97 were not considered in this category.

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