2014 All-American Guernsey Contest

Summer Yearling Heifer Nominees
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2014 All-American Guernsey Contest

Flambeau Manor Adacka Star-ET
#68039616 Born 06/11/13

Guernsey Prairie Prada Diamond
#78000491 Born 07/04/13

Misty Meadows Geo Jacov
Born 07/14/13

Sire: Sniders Deemand Adacka-ET
Dam: Flambeau Manor Les Scarlet-ET-EX-91 @ 5-01 (USA)
Best Record: 4-06 2x 20,934 5.0% 1,039 3.6% 753
Exhibited by: Steven & Gary Van Doorn
Tony, Wisconsin, USA

Breeder: Gary Van Doorn
Tony, Wisconsin, USA

Show Record
2nd NGS-Madison
3rd Wisconsin State Show

Sire: Indian Acres Prada-ET
Dam: Four Winds Skipper Delighted - VG-84 @ 2-04 (USA)
Best Record: 1-10 2x 305 17,800 4.6% 810 3.7% 657

Exhibited by: Scott & Lindsey Weisensel
Marshall, Wisconsin, USA
Breeder: Scott Weisensel
Marshall, Wisconsin, USA

Show Record
5th NGS-Madison
2nd, HM Jr. Champion NGS-Louisville
1st, Jr. Champion Wisconsin State Show

Sire: Golden J Les George
Dam: Misty Meadows Pistol Jisele - EX-90 @ 4-10 (USA)
Best Record: 5-04 2x 307 19,250 4.4% 844 3.5% 665
Exhibited by: Beth Anne Clark
New Paris, Pennsylvania, USA
Breeder: Beth Anne Clark
New Paris, Pennsylvania, USA

Show Record
3rd NGS-Madison
7th NGS-Louisville
7th NGS-Harrisburg
1st Maryland State Fair

Ripley Farms YB C Tulip-ET
Born 06/02/13

Springhill Fames Adele
#68032732 Born 06/02/13

Valley Gem B Lucy Lou
#78001304 Born 06/05/13

Sire: Edgewater Meadows Yogibear-ET
Dam: Ripley Farms Aron Coni Tina-ET-EX-90 @ 4-09 (USA)
Best Record:4-03 3x 365 36,150 4.0% 1,459 3.3% 1,193
Exhibited by: Caylie Axtell
Cortland, New York, USA
Breeder: Kyle Ripley
Moravia, New York, USA

Show Record
11th NGS-Louisville
1st NGS-Harrisburg
3rd New York State Fair

Sire: Millborne Tiller Fayes Fame
Dam: Sniders Barney Abreva - VG-84 @ 4-07 (USA)
Best Record: 3-03 2x 346 20,400 4.1% 832 3.2% 656
Exhibited by: Marshall Overholt
Big Prairie, Ohio, USA
Breeder: Springhill
Big Prairie, Ohio, USA

Show Record
4th NGS-Madison
4th NGS-Louisville
3rd NGS-Harrisburg
3rd Ohio State Fair
1st Ohio Spring Show

Sire: Loyal Acres YB Bucky
Dam: Valley Gem Annsons Lucy - VG-85 @ 3-04 (USA)
Best Record: 2-02 2x 292 15,840 6.8% 1,085 3.2% 507
Exhibited by: Valley Gem Farm
Cumberland, Wisconsin, USA
Breeder: Valley Gem Farm
Cumberland, Wisconsin, USA

Show Record
1st NGS-Madison
1st, Res. Jr. Champion NGS-Louisville
2nd, HM Jr. Champion Wisconsin State Show
1st, Jr. Champion Minnesota State Fair