2014 All-American Guernsey Contest

Spring Yearling Heifer Nominees
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2014 All-American Guernsey Contest

Adams Creek Achieve Adele
#68039921 Born 04/24/13

Coulee Crest AP Lexi-ET
#68039052 Born 03/11/13

Four J Showtime Jupiter-ET
#68039601 Born 03/03/13

Sire: Sniders Goldust Achieve-ET
Dam: Adams Creek Kringle Avery - VG-85 @ 2-07 (USA)
Best Record: 2-05 2x 305 15,100 5.1% 777 3.2% 488
Exhibited by: Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman
Bangor, Wisconsin, USA

Breeder: Steven Nuttleman
Bangor, Wisconsin, USA

Show Record
1st NGS-Madison
4th Wisconsin State Show

Sire: Indian Acres American Pie
Dam: Coulee Crest Nick Lorilyn - EX-91 @ 5-00 (USA)
est Record: 3-05 3x 365 42,440 5.3% 2,254  3.1% 1,298
Exhibited by: Jade Jensen
New Richmond, Wisconsin, USA
Breeder: Coulee Crest LLC
Cashton, Wisconsin, USA

Show Record
5th NGS-Madison
1st, Jr. Junior Champion NGS-Louisville

Sire: Four Winds Showtime-ET
Dam: Dix Lee Mentor Jaz-ET - EX-91 @ 6-08 (USA)
Best Record: 6-01 2x 339 29,160 3.8% 1,105 3.6 %1,038
Exhibited by: Jade & Jarica Jensen
Conway, Missouri/New Richmond, Wisconsin, USA

Breeder: Jade Jensen
New Richmond, Wisconsin, USA

Show Record
2nd NGS-Madison
1st, Res. Jr. Champion Ohio State Fair

Guernsey Prairie Grumpy Shayda
#68039222 Born 04/09/13

Knapps Levi Coni Jaklyn
#78000978 Born 05/11/13

Millborne HP Bentley Holly
#68038651 Born 03/02/13

Sire: Golden J Ronald Grumpy
Dam: Guernsey Prairie Pies Shaylee - NC (USA)
Best Record: Production Unavailable
Exhibited by: Beth Anne Clarke
New Paris, Pennsylvania, USA
Breeder: Scott Weisensel
Marshall, Wisconsin, USA

Show Record
3rd NGS-Madison
2nd NGS-Louisville
1st, Jr. Champion NGS-Harrisburg
1st, Res. Jr. Champion Maryland State Fair

Sire: Marodore Aarons Levi-ET
Dam: Ripley Farms AP Coni Joclyn-ET-VG-87 @ 2-03 (USA)
Best Record: 2-00 2x 365 21,830 5.1% 1,107 3.1% 674
Exhibited by: Amber Kirk
Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania, USA
Breeder: Austin & Landen Knapp
Epworth, Iowa, USA

Show Record
6th NGS-Harrisburg
2nd Maryland State Fair

Sire: Millborne Mentor Bentley
Dam: Millborne Hillpoint S Hologram-ET-VG-87 @ 3-01 (USA)
Best Record: 2-03 2x 365 20,780 4.5% 933 3.3% 690
Exhibited by: P. Morey Miller & Hillpoint Partners
Granby, Connecticut, USA
Breeder: P. Morey Miller & Hillpoint Partners
Granby, Connecticut, USA

Show Record
4th NGS-Madison
4th NGS-Harrisburg
1st, Jr. Champion New York Spring Show
1st, Res. Jr. Champion New York State Fair