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The Cow Family that Produced the World's 1st 17th Generation Excellent
The cow family has been traced back to 1939, the first generation Excellent and the matriarch of the family - Audrey Posch - EX-93-2E (USA) Born 01/24/1937.
The chart below illustrates the breeding philosophy behind this great cow family.


Golden-Rose Atwood Ritzi


17th Generation Excellent
Golden-Rose Atwood Ritzi
Born: 06/04/10
Classification - EX-90 @ 3-04 (USA)

Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET
Dam: Oakfield Pronto Ritzi
EX-93 @ 5-02 (USA)


Budjon-JK-Sloan Reba-ET  Oakfield Speed Racer Oakfield Pronto Rizi

16th Generation Excellent
Budjon-JK-Sloan Reba-ET

Born: 06/01/08
Classification - EX-90 @ 4-00 (USA)

Sire: Mr Regancrest Roy Racer
Dam: Castleholm Dundee Rhythm-ET
EX-90-2E @ 6-01 (USA)
The Holstein Breed's 3rd 16th Generation Excellent

16th Generation Excellent
Oakfield Speed Racer-ET

Born: 12/13/07
Classification - EX-91 (USA)

Sire: Mr Regancrest Roy Racer
Dam: Castleholm Dundee Rhythm-ET
EX-90-2E @ 6-01 (USA)
The Holstein Breed's 1st 16th Generation Excellent

16th Generation Excellent
Oakfield Pronto Ritzi

Born: 03/16/08
Classification - EX-93 @ 5-02 (USA)

Sire: Windy-Knoll-View Pronto-ET
Dam: Castleholm Dund Rhapsody-ET
EX-90 (USA)
The Holstein Breed's 2nd 16th Generation Excellent

Castleholm Dundee Rhythm-ET Castleholm Dund Rhapsody-ET

15th Generation Excellent
Castleholm Dundee Rhythm-ET

Born: 01/03/06
Classification - EX-91-2E (USA)

Sire: Regancrest Dundee-ET
Dam: Astrahoe Stormatic Radiant
EX-91-2E (USA)

15th Generation Excellent
Castleholm Dund Rhapsody-ET

Born: 02/06/06
Classification - EX-90 (USA)

Sire: Regancrest Dundee-ET
Dam: Astrahoe Stormatic Radiant
EX-91-2E (USA)


Astrahoe Stormatic Radiant


14th Generation Excellent
Astrahoe Stormatic Radiant - GMD
Born: 11/20/03
Classification - EX-91-2E @ 6-00 (USA)

Sire: Comestar Stormatic-ET
Dam: Astrahoe LJ Rosa Rebel-ET
EX-92-2E (USA)


Astrahoe LJ Rosa Rebel-ET


13th Generation Excellent
Astrahoe LJ Rosa Rebel-ET
Born: 09/02/00

Classification - EX-92-2E (USA)

Sire: Sunnylodge Linjet
Dam: Pinehurst Royal Rosa-ET
EX-91-2E (USA)



  Pinehurst Royal Rosa-ET  

12th Generation Excellent
Pinehurst Royal Rosa-ET

Born: 09/06/98
Classification - EX-91-2E (USA)

Sire: Startmore Rudolph-ET
Dam: Pinehurst Roulade
EX-92-2E (USA)


11th Generation Excellent
Pinehurst Roulade

Born: 10/26/93
Classification - EX-92-2E (USA)

Sire: Pinehurst Elation-ET
Dam: Pinehurst Sweet Cleo
EX-90 (USA)


10th Generation Excellent
Pinehurst Sweet Cleo

Born: 02/07/90
Classification - EX-90 (USA)

Sire: Willowholme Mark Anthony
Dam: Pinehurst Sweet Freedom
EX-90 (USA)




9th Generation Excellent
Pinehurst Sweet Freedom

Born: 04/23/86
Classification - EX-90 (USA)

Sire: Tora Matt Lancer
Dam: Pinehurst Sweet Delight
EX-91-3E (USA)


8th Generation Excellent
Pinehurst Sweet Delight - GMD

Born: 02/11/82
Classification - EX-91-3E (USA)

Sire: Pinehurst Copyright
Dam: Pinehurst Rapture
EX-96-4E (USA)

  Pinehurst Rapture  

7th Generation Excellent
Pinehurst Rapture - GMD

Born: 10/01/76
Classification - EX-96-4E (USA)

Sire: Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation
Dam: Pinehurst Fragrance
EX-90-2E (USA)




6th Generation Excellent
Pinehurst Fragrance

Born: 02/20/74
Classification - EX-90-2E (USA)

Sire: Prestige of Lakehurst
Dam: Hayssen Fond Ariel
EX-90-2E (USA)





5th Generation Excellent
Hayssen Fond Ariel

Born: 10/31/66
Classification - EX-90-2E (USA)

Sire: Hayssen Hi Hope
Dam: Hayssen D V Audrey
EX-90-2E (USA)


4th Generation Excellent
Hayssen D V Audrey

Born: 07/23/60
Classification - EX-90-2E (USA)

Sire: Wis Double Victory
Dam: Whirlhill Q Rag Apple Ariel
EX-92-14Y (USA)


3rd Generation Excellent
Whirlhill Q Rag Apple Ariel

Born: 01/03/47
Classification - EX-92-14Y (USA)

Sire: Mallary Farm Pos Quintessence
Dam: Arlite Posch
EX-92-6Y (USA)


2nd Generation Excellent
Arlite Posch - GMD

Born: 08/03/39
Classification - EX-92-6Y (USA)

Sire: Duke Victor Posch
Dam: Audrey Posch
EX-93 (USA)


Audrey Posch


1st Generation Excellent
Audrey Posch - GMD

Born: 01/24/37
Classification - EX-93-2E (USA)

Sire: Senator Posch
Dam: Lometa Colanta Posch




Portions of this article have been taken from the Fieldstone & Pinehurst Farms Sale held on February 28, 2011.

Standing alone in a world of cows is Audrey Posch. She is the
only cow of the breed to have founded an uninterrupted sixteenth generation group of Excellent females. The family includes the Holstein Breed's 1st, 2nd and 3rd (16th Generation Excellents) tracing in an uninterrupted line back to Audrey Posch “EX93-GMD.” When one considers the many millions of cows that have lived since Audrey was born in 1937, none of whom can match her accomplishments, she singles herself out as one of a kind. Audrey’s family begins with the imported cow, Vreda 2259HHB. Vreda was born in the herd of T.W. Hilwerda, Tzum, Friesland in 1881. Vreda was imported to the United States by Thomas B. Wales, Jr. of Iowa City, Iowa in 1882. With Vreda came the genes that would produce the first ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen generations of Excellent in the history of the Holstein breed. Eight generations after Vreda’s arrival in America, her maternal line produced Nooksack Jewel Fayne. She would later become a National Champion and World record producer. Thirteen generations later the family produced Audrey Posch. Audrey Posch became a National record producer. She would go on to score Excellent-93-2E,earn Gold Medal Dam status and begin the unprecedented line of sixteen generations of Excellents.

Audrey’s daughter, Arlite Posch “EX92-GMD” was the dam of Whirlhill Q Rag Apple Ariel “EX92.” She was the first cow of the breed to produce seven consecutive records over 1000 pounds of fat. Ariel’s daughter, Hayssen DV Audrey “2EX90” made her 1035 pound fat record at Carnation Milk Farms in 1969. She was the dam of Hayssen Fond Ariel “2EX90.” Fond Ariel was consigned by Lakeside Farm to the World Premier Sale in 1969. There she was purchased by Pinehurst. Her daughter, Pinehurst Fragrance “2EX90,” was born in 1974. She would become the first of the family to carry the Pinehurst prefix. Fragrance thus founded an ongoing line of Audrey’s that has now reached ten generations with the Pinehurst prefix 8 of which are included in the line above.


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